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Securing people's futures

Although what we do is about numbers, at the end of the day, it’s really all about people. You know many of your participants by name. You may even know their families. And we understand that the work you do today plays a significant role in people’s long term financial health.

Rael & Letson provides actuarial and consulting services for all types of retirement programs across multiple industries. We are committed to serving the full spectrum of retirement systems needs. We deeply understand that the role we play today will impact countless lives tomorrow.
What we do
Who we serve
What you get
  • Plan design
  • Actuarial valuations for pension plans
  • Financial analysis, costing & projections
  • Withdrawal Liability
  • Compliance & administration
  • Special projects (including communications, bargaining, experience studies and more)
  • Multiemployer plans
  • Public sector defined benefit plans
  • Defined contribution plans
  • Smaller single employers
  • Unparalleled experience
  • Teamwork & backup personnel
  • Quality work with peer review
  • Reports in everyday language
  • Customized, cost effective solutions

Appropriately serving the
entire spectrum of retirement
systems needs

Plan Design
Whether it's designing a new plan or redesigning an existing plan, Rael & Letson provides choices to satisfy Trustee objectives. Rael & Letson continues to develop innovative design options to provide adequate benefits, address industry staffing needs, protect a plan’s long term funding health and manage financial risk.

Actuarial Valuations for Pension Plans
Trustees need more than numbers to ensure the proper functioning of their plan. Rael & Letson excels at explaining the numbers—in everyday language while providing valuable information that extends beyond the numbers so that our clients stay updated and aware of plan issues. Every valuation report includes a summary and in-depth analysis of the plan’s financial health (including demographic experience) to aid in benefit and contribution decisions.

Financial Analysis, Costing and Projections
Rael & Letson is always prepared to assist Trustees in costing, projecting and analyzing the trends and results of changes in operational costs, cash flow, benefits, contributions, assumptions, and cost methods. Our projections can also be modeled interactively at any meeting to provide Trustees with the tools needed to make proactive decisions about benefit and rate changes, stay in front of trouble or plan for benefit recovery. Whether you’re concerned about your Taft-Hartley plan’s future PPA zone status or your public plan’s funding policy and strategy, or your single employer plan's cash flow requirements, we are here to help and have the tools to help you make informed decisions about your plan’s future.

Withdrawal Liability
Rael & Letson partners with other advisors to help clients with all aspects of employer withdrawal liability so that Trustees can best fulfill their fiduciary duties to protect the plan and its participants. We provide calculation estimate and assessment support and can assist with developing a sound policy to help balance plan protection with increasing plan attractiveness to prospective employers.

Compliance and Administration

Whether it involves completing required government filings, processing complicated pension calculations, performing nondiscrimination testing or helping revise Plan Documents, Summary Plan Descriptions or participant communications, Rael & Letson partners with plan advisors in any way needed to help assure timely compliance and well received administration for any and all plan matters.

Special Projects
Rael & Letson has considerable experience with bargaining support, vendor searches, experience studies (when valuation support is not enough) and other important projects that can influence plan success. We provide a multitude of services that expand beyond the typical needs for which Trustees are accustomed. Ask us today.
“Trustees continually want the most bang for their buck—benefit programs they can afford. Rael & Letson consultants give real, personalized services. They are not ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.”
— Third Party Administrator Vice President