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Our people work for your people
At the end of the day — after the meetings, the reports, the presentations — it all comes down to people. Working with people you respect. People you trust. Trusted advisors who have your back.

At Rael & Letson we've always understood — right from our start in the 1960's — that it's people who make the difference. People with talent. People with sheer intelligence and unmatched experience.
People with gumption and heart.

From our actuaries to analysts, consultants to leaders, technicians to interns… what you'll find are people — people who understand your plans.

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Why people who start here, stay here

Employees support each other. Individual successes become team successes. Hierarchal boundaries are blurred. When all this happens, something else happens: it opens the door to a highly productive and stimulating work environment.

Careers at Rael & Letson offer intellectual challenge as well as an opportunity to make positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. Our people enjoy diverse job responsibilities, exceptional financial reward and multiple avenues for personal growth.

This may be why our employee turnover rate has been so low throughout our 50+ year history. Over half of current employees have been with Rael & Letson five or more years. Many have been with us over ten years. In fact, our staff has grown four-fold in the past decade.
“Clients are looking for competence, guidance, trust and help in making big decisions. They appreciate Rael & Letson for being proactive without being pushy — they are smart people. And it’s a credit to the company that they have brought in new people and don’t have a lot of turnover — happy people stay”
— Administrator of Health & Welfare Fund