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Our non-linear career paths lead to individualized successes

No restrictions. Our matrix of career paths—actuarial or non-actuarial, consulting or technical—doesn’t limit us to linear paths. In fact, no options are mutually exclusive. For example, successful consultants may have actuarial or non-actuarial experience and backgrounds. Of greater importance is in depth knowledge in an area of expertise and ability to communicate that knowledge to our clients.

Our team members know how to listen, to assess clients’ needs and articulate their analysis in everyday language, that everyone can understand. In addition, we’re all self-starters. We believe more in mentoring, less in formal training. And we think that to grow professionally, we also need to work independently.

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Technical Writer / Benefit Plan Writer
Career paths in our matrix

You’ve completed or are completing professional examinations for: Associate, Fellow or Enrolled Actuary issued by the Society of Actuaries and/or Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries. You have strong mathematical aptitude, keen problem solving skills and excellent computer skills. You may choose to focus in the areas of defined benefit pension plan valuations, health and welfare plan pricing and/or postemployment benefits other than pensions calculations (i.e., retiree health).

​ Depending upon exam status and experience, your duties range from:

While you’re not as “numbers focused” as actuaries, you’re still technically strong. Our clients depend upon your expertise in employee benefit issues to help them understand their plans’ position—financially and competitively. You communicate the meaning behind the numbers in the context of industry trends and government regulations.

Because no two clients are alike, projects are varied, so the work is seldom “routine.” Typical responsibilities include:.

You have expertise in health and welfare and/or pension plans with direct client responsibility. You may be actuaries or non-actuaries, but you share the following attributes:

Our consultants can’t carry out their duties without you. As part of the technical group, your analysis is essential. Direct client responsibility is optional.

You are proficient with spreadsheets like Excel and word processing applications like Word. Also, depending upon the nature of your work, technical analysts should have working knowledge of database design, maintenance and use, and computer programming.
“Rael & Letson’s consultants are very proactive, when issues come up, they’re on it before we are. They’re very meticulous, on top of our reports and they don’t say something and forget they’ve said it. They are excellent in their niche, far superior to others.”
— Administrator of Health & Welfare Fund